Lisa Kudrow Net Worth 2020: Bio, Husband, Quotes

Lisa Kudrow is an American actress. And with that kind of money, Lisa Kudrow can rescue every single smelly cat in the world. Known best for her role as Phoebe Buffay on the decade-long sitcom Friends. In this article, we know about her net worth, bio, husband, quotes, and many more things about Lisa Kudrow. So stay tuned with us and read the end of the article.

As of 2020, Lisa Kudrow’s Net worth is $90 million (USA).

NAMELisa Valerie Kudrow
BORNJuly 30, 1963 (age 52 years)
HUSBANDMichel Stern
PROFESSIONActress, Comedian, Singer Writer
NET WORTH$90 million

Early Life

Kudrow was born in Encino, California on July 30, 1963. The youngest of three children in an upper-middle-class Jewish family, Kudrow initially believed she might follow in the footsteps of her father, a doctor and headache specialist. She used her biology degree earned from Vassar College to work for eight years in her father’s practice before she got her acting break. Those initial acting stints centered on comedy. Kudrow belonged to improv and comedy troupes before landing small roles on Cheers and Bob Newhart sitcoms. Her portrayal of Ursula Buffay, an oddball waitress on the 1990s NBC sitcom Mad About You led to her eventual role as the naïve, aloof massage therapist Phoebe Buffay. Although Ursula and Phoebe were cast in two different NBC shows, they were twins in both storylines.

Quirky Phoebe Buffay endeared many Friends fans because she was a host of personal contradictions. For example, she was a vegetarian who ate meat while she was pregnant and an animal rights activist who once wore a fur that she inherited. The character was well-known for breaking into bizarre, folksy songs while playing an acoustic guitar. In 1998, Kudrow’s portrayal of this character helped her become the first Friends cast member to win an Emmy for a supporting role. She and co-stars Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox set a world record when they became the highest-paid television actresses ever up to that point, each earning $1 million an episode.

Lisa has been married to Michel Stern since 1995. They have one child together.

The career of the Net worth holder

Kudrow’s greatest break got here when she was solid as Phoebe Buffay, the lovable folk-singing therapeutic massage therapist, on the sitcom Friends. The present turned a prompt hit after premiering in 1994, and Kudrow went on to earn an Emmy Award in 1998 and a Screen Actors Guild Award in 2000 for her work on the prime-time comedy. She additionally reprised her function as Ursula from Mad About You, who appeared on Friends as Phoebe’s twin sister. During the ninth and 10th seasons of Friends, Kudrow, alongside together with her feminine castmates and buddies Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston, turned the highest-paid TV actresses of all time, receiving $1 million per episode.

Net Worth of Lisa Kudrow

For the first season of Friends, each cast member earned $22,500 per episode. That works out to $540,000 for the first season. Their salaries were boosted to $40,000 per episode in the second season. That works out to $960,000 for the second season. Ahead of the third season when their contracts were up, the cast banded together to negotiate as a group. They ended up with a deal that paid $75,000 per episode of season three ($1.875 million for the season), $85,000 for season 4 ($2.04 million), $100,000 for season 5 ($2.5 million) and $125,000 in season 6 ($3.125 million). Ahead of season 7, the cast negotiated for a massive raise. They each ended up earning $750,000 per episode in seasons 7 and 8 ($18 million per season). For seasons 9 and 10, each cast member earned $1 million per episode. That works out to $24 million for season 9 and $18 million for season 10. If you total it all up, each cast member of Friends earned around $90 million in base salary alone from the show before backend bonuses and on-going royalties.

As part of their 2000 contract negotiations, the cast was able to demand backend points on the show which would allow them to earn royalties off the show’s sale into syndication. Up to that point, the only other TV stars who had ownership stakes in shows were Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Cosby. Friends continue to generate north of $1 billion per year in syndication royalties and streaming deals. It has been reported that each cast member in some years can earn $10-20 million in royalties alone.

Lisa Kudrow owns several mansions around the world, most notably in the Los Angeles area. In 1996 she spent $1.9 million to buy a 6,400 square-foot home in Beverly Hills. In 2001 she spent $2.4 million to buy a second Beverly Hills home, not far from Rodeo Drive. In April 2017 she sold a penthouse in Park City, Utah for $3.6 million. It’s unclear how much she spent on the home.

Quotes of Lisa Kudrow

Blonde is a dumb comedy, purple hair is wise, attractive comedy. – Lisa Kudrow

Life’s rather a lot simpler once you’re dumb. – Lisa Kudrow

I simply listened to that interior voice. By the best way, it is all the time transfer to take heed to that interior voice… if it does not result in the law. – Lisa Kudrow