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Top 3 Billionaire of the world

#1 Jeff Bezos

Founder: Amazon

Jeff Bezos Net worth

Jeff Bezos established online business mammoth Amazon in 1994 out of his carport in Seattle. He remains CEO and possesses an about 12% stake.

#2 bill gates

Founder: Microsoft

Bill gates net worth

He stays a board individual from Microsoft, the product firm he established with Paul Allen (d. 2018) in 1975.

#3 bernard arnault

Founder: LVMH

Bernard Arnault

His extravagance merchandise gathering, LVMH, posted record deals and benefits in 2018, thanks to some extent to expanded spending by Chinese clients.

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Most of the richest person are from America means UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.


2nd largest billionaire are comes from Asia.

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More than 600+ Billionaire are living in this planet.